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            (a)   Biswajit Roy, M.A. B.Lib. Lirarian.

            (b)  Meghnath Brahma, B.A. – (U.D.A.) Deals with any kind of Annual Reports, students related certificate (Provisional Pass Certificate, Character and Reading Certificate), maintenance of appointment file and salary bill related works.

            (c)   Ratan Kr. Brahma, B.A. – (U.D.A.) Deals with Leave Register (both Teaching & Non-teaching staff), Stock Register, Registration & Admit Card of the students, G.U. & AHSEC official Correspondence and Admission related works, P.M.S. disbursement, Cash Book maintenance of Scholarship.

            (d)  Hari Prasad Roy, B.A. – (L.D.A.) Maintenance of General Cash Book and Scout & Guide Cash Book, Correspondence with Govt. Secretariat of Assam & BTC, preparation & maintenance of career Advancement file of the Teaching & Non Teaching Staff and grants & sanctions file (UGC & other state govt’s grants) and also deals with salary and arear bill and its disbursement.

            (e)  Mwkthangao Basumatary, B.A. – (L.D.A.) Deals with Fund Transaction, Admission for T.D.C. and H.S. Classes, F.C.R. Maintenance, Library, Students Distress Fund.

            (f)  Phungkha Mushahary, B.A. – (L.D.A.) Keeping and maintaining of all final exams records including issue of registeration certificate, Admit cards, Admission related works (including register writing), Final exam fees collection, centre fees account maintenance and maintaining of issue register.

           (g)   Ripunjay Brahma, B.Sc. – (L.D.A.) Deputed to the Central Library of the college for maintaining and also for up dating the records of the library books, jurnals etc.

            (h)   Sanshri Basumatary, B.A. – (L.D.A.) Students’ Attendance Register Writing, Exam Records keeping and Writing & Keeping of records related to Unit Tests.

            (i)   Biranjoy Basumatary, B.A. – (L.D.A.) Computer Operator, Official correspondence relating to UGC & other State Govts’ grants and matters relating to Account Branch.

            (j)  Debaraj Brahma, B.Com. – (Account Assistant) Maintenance of Subsidiary Cash Books like- Festival, Examination, Games & Sports, Common Room, Magazine and Admission related works (during the admission time only).

            (k)  Mrs. Gitanjali Basumatary, B.A. – (L.D.A.) Admission Register writing of H.S. Classes, Students Attendance Register Writing of H.S. Classes, and helping the two UDAs and checking of particulars for getting attested from the Principal.

           (l)   Mrs. Barnali Basumatary, B.A. – (L.D.A.) Admission Register Writing of Degree classes, Studenst Attendance Register Writing of Degree classes, checking of particulars for getting attested from the Principal and helping the two UDAs.

            (m)    Pwjwngra Narzary, – Gr – IV, (Peon) Office Bearer and Maintenance of receipt register.

            (n)    Jayanta Narzary, – Gr – IV Bearer, Deptt. of Education.

            (o)    Bankim Basumatary – Gr – IV Bearer, Library.

            (p)    Dhireswar Brahma, – Gr – IV Gardener.

            (q)    Haren Boro, – Gr – IV (Chowkidar)

             (r)    Khanindra Roy – Gr – IV (Night Chowkidar)

             (s)   Rajib Basumatary – Gr – IV.


            N.B.:-  Statement of Final Exams would be prepared by the Non-Teaching staff jointly.


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