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            (i) Academic Council :- The Academic Council of Janata College was formed on 5-1-1998 to look after the proper conduct of classes, holding of examinations and preparation of academic calendar of the College. In addition to this, the Academic Council sets up procedures of admission criteria including updating of innovative teaching method and evaluation of the performance of teachers and learners.

            The Academic Council is constituted with the Principal and all the Heads of the Department of the College. For the smooth conducting of examination the Principal shall nominate two member incharges out of the total members of the Academic Council whereas for admission process all the members would officiat the same.


            (ii) Budget and Planning Committee :- The Budget and Planning Committee of Janata College was set up in August 2004 just before the assessment of the College made by the NAAC, Bangalore. It is conceived of an instrument of development and expected to provide a controlled and proper utilization of College fund. It has been assigned some duties like (a) to make an assessment of college resources, (b) to formulate a plan for the most effective and balanced utilization of the college resources, (c) to determine priorities of development and budget allocation of fund, (d) to appraise periodically the progress achieved in plan implementation and recommend necessary adjustments of policies and measures. The Budget and Planning Committee is required to make recommendations to the G.B. of the College and to take due approval from the same.

            The Budget and Planning Committee is composed of 9 (nine) members. The Principal and the Vice-Principal are the Chairman & Vice-Chairman of the said committee respectively, four from the teaching staff, one of whom is Convenor, one from the non teaching staff (generally from the account Branch), one from the G.B. and one from the guardian. The Committee sits twice in a year. In the first sitting it chalks out schemes

and accordingly the budget is allocated to utilize the already generated amount properly for the development of the College. Towards the end of the academic session it sits for the second time to take account all the works done and how far it has succeeded in its planned schemes taken in the first sitting. The members for the said committee are nominated by the Principal for a period of three years in consultation with the teaching staff.

            Following are the members of Budget and Planning Committee :

a.      Chairman         :  Dr. Subung Basumatary, Principal

b.      Vice Chairman :

c.      Convenor          :  Mr. Dahal Kungur Narzary

d.      Members          :  Mr. Nayan Jyoti Das

              Dr. Adaram Basumatary

              Mr.Sonara Baglary

              Hari Prasad Ray

e.      G.B representative : Mr. Dhirendra Nath Brahma

                                          Mr. Harkeswar  Narzary


            (iii) Discipline Committee :- There is a discipline committee in the College to look after the matters relating to conduct and character of students. The committee was constituted mainly to look after the maintenance of the rules and regulations of the College. Any decision taken by the discipline committee in respect of violation of rules and regulations is final and obligatory.

            The discipline committee of the College comprises of Principal and three other members of the teaching staff who are nominated by the Principal in consultaion with Governing Body and the General Secretary of Janata College Students’ Union. The Three members of the teaching staff retire every three years which is followed by the nomination of new members by the Principal in consultation with Governing Body.

            Following are the members of Discipline Committee –

          a.      Convenor          : Mr. Bitorai Brahma

          b.      Members          : Mr. Ramesh Bora

          Mr. Rupak Sinha


            (iv) Library Advisory Committee :- Janata College has always been giving top priority in the enrichment of library infrastructure. It has a scheme to make a collection of different books, reference books, journals of National and International standards by purchasing for an amount of rupees generated from all sources annually. The door of library is kept open for transaction of books to students and teachers as well. There is Library Advisory Committee to look after the management of all the assets of library.

            Library Advisory Committee shall be constituted with one each from every departments preferably Heads of the Departments. The Principal and the Librarian shall be the ex-officio Chairman and Convenor respectively.

            Following are the members of Library Advisory Committee –

              a.     Chairman :      Dr. Subung Basumatary, Principal

              b.     Convenor :      Mr. Biswajit Ray, Librarian

              c.     Members :       Mrs. Leena Sarmah

          Mr.   Bitorai Brahma

          Mr. nayan Jyoti Das

          Mr. Pradip Basumatary

          Mrs. Chirati Swargiary

          Mr. Prasenjit Nath


(v) Career Counselling and Guidance Cell :- Janata College is located in a remote rural and solely inhabited by the tribal people. Despite located in a backward place, it seeks to foster self help and self reliance in students. This College felt necessity of constituting a Career Counseling and Guidance Cell in the College to promote and develop the environment of awareness in respect of future career and profession among the students of the college. Thus, the Career Counselling and Guidance cell came in to existence at Janata College on 12-05-03.

            The Career Conseling and Guidance Cell of the College shall be constituted with two teacher members nominated by the Principal for three years.

            Following are the members of career Counselling & Guidence Cell –

         1.   Members :       Mr. Pradip Basumatary

         Dr.. Ashok Kumar


            (vi) Grievance Redressal Cell :- Grievance Redressal Cell of Janata College was constituted on 12-03-2003 for the redressal of all kinds of grievances of the students and employees of the College in connection with the Academic and other related matters of the College.

            The Grievance Redressal Cell consists of five members with the Principal as Chairman. Three from the teaching staff, one from non-teaching staff and the other one is General Secretary of the students union of the college.

            Following are the members of Grievance Redressal  Cell –

       1.      Chairman :            Dr. Subung Basumatary, Principal

       2.      Convenor :            Mr. Mihir Kumar Brahma

       3.      Members :             Mr. Kedar Nath Pandey

          Mr. Padmanand Mishra

          Mrs. Leena Sarmah

          Mr. Ratan Kumar Brahma



            (vii) Extension Education Cell :- There is an Extension Education Cell in Janata College which came in to existence in the year 1997 to impart skill and knowledge based on training to the students of the college in collaboration with specialized professsional. In additon to this, it also arranges camp, seminar, workshops, training etc. in consultation with the college authority for the upliftment of students.

            The Extension Education cell consists of three members nominated by the Principal of the college for a period of three years.

            Following are the members of Extension Education Cell –

            Members :       Mr. nayan Jyoti Das

                                    Dr. Sujata Bhadra

                                    Mrs. Barnali Sikdar


               (viii) Medical and Health Committee :- The Medical and Health Committee of Janata College, Serfanguri was Constituted on 12-05-2003 with various objectives like Routine Cheek up. Health awareness campaign and arrangement of free Medical Camp for the benefit of our students as well as illiterate and backward people of the neighbouring areas.

            The Committee consists of five members – two from lecturers, one from the grade IV employee of the college nominated by the Principal for a period of three years and the rest from the nearest Medical and Health Centre, one of whom shall be M.B.B.S.

            Following are the members of Medical and Health Committee –

            Members :       Mr. Malin Bhattacharjee

                                    Mrs. Bibha Rani Nath

                                    Mr. Dhireswar Brahma


            (ix) Fishery Committee :- The College is having two fishery tanks of its own measuring 5 bighas and 11/2 bighas. To look after the management and maintenance of the same there is a Fishery Committee of two members constituted after every three years.

            Following are the members of Fishery Committee –

            Members :       Mr. Bitorai Brahma

                                    Mr. Nabin Chandra Mushahary

            (x) Purchasing & Utilising Committee : The college has a Purchasing and Utilisation Committee tolook after the matter relating to purchase and utilization of any kind. This be constituted having four members from the employees with the Principal being the ex-officio chairman.

            The tenure of the Purchasing & Utilizing committee will be of three years.

            Following are the members of Purchasing & Utilising Committee :

1.      Chairman :            Dr. Subung Basumatary, Principal

2.      Members :             Mr. Pradip Basumatary

   Mr. Rupak Sinha

   Mr. Bitorai Brahma

   Mr. Ramesh Bora

            (XI) Janata College Cell of ‘Mission Birubala’ :

1.      Chairman      : Dr. Subung Basumatary, Principal

2.      Co-ordinator : Ms Chirati Swargiary, Associate Professor

3.      Members :

a.      Ms Bibha Rani Nath, Associate Professor.

b.      Ms Leena Sarma, Associate Professor.

c.      Mr. Nabin Ch. Mushahary, Asstt. Professor.

d.      Mr. Padmanand Mishra, Associate Professor.

e.      Mr. Nayan Jyoti Das, Associate Professor.

f.        Ms. Barnali Sikdar, Asstt. Professor.

g.      Mr. Malin Bhattacharjee, Associate Professor.

h.      Mr. Ramesh Bora, Associate Professor.

i.        Dr. Sujata Bhadra, Associate Professor.

j.        Mr. Pradip Basumatary, Associate Professor.

k.      Mr. Bindu Basumatary, Part-time Lecturer.

l.        Ms Bardwichila Narzary, Part-time Lecturer.


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