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    Hostel Facilities and Hostel Rule

The college has one tree storied Girls' Hostel and one Boys' Hostel. They are situated in the college campus. Hostel seats are alloted at the time of admission on the basis of merit and necessity (Home distance of the applicant from the college). Application for admission to a  hostel has to be submitted to the superintendent in the prescribed form. The admission to and stay in the hostel is governed by the Janata College Hostel Rules. Hostels remain closed during the summer vacation. Admission to a hostel is only for academic session. In no case a student  can reside in a hostel without admission.


 The college provides minimum facilities in the matter of utensils, furniture but not reading bulb. The mess management is at the hands of mess committee, which manages everything under the supervision and guidance of the superintendent of hostel. Generally 2 (two) seats are reserved for sports men/women those who have already represented their respective Schools and College in Zonal and national level Tournament.

            There are certain rules and regulations in the hostel and all the boarders are bound to conform/follow the same, which are as follows :

             (1) Boarders must strictly observe the study hours. Those found absent during study hour without the permission/Knowledge of the superintendent/Monitor/Monitress he/she will be liable to be fined or expelled from the hostel.

              (2) Boarders should meet their guests during the hours fixed for the purpose.

              (3) During study hour, no guest or visitor shall be allowed to visit any boarder or stay in the hostel even for a brief period.

              (4) Any kind of function or picnic etc. shall be attended or arranged by the boarders only with the prior permission of the superintendent of the hostel in writing.

              (5) In all matters of management of the hostel, boarders must have contact with their superintendent or the principal if need be.

               (6) Violation of hostel rules and also the rules and regulations of the college may lead to the expulsion of the concerned boarders.

                   (7)  Ragging type behavior towards the co-hosteller is strictly prohibited and someone found indulging the same is subject to expulsion from the hostel.

                   (8)  Boarders should arrange their own reading lights / bulbs.

                   (9)  Boarders must not change the electric points etc. in any circumstances.

                  (10)  Hostel must be vacated during vacations and after the Annual Examination.

             (11)   Boarders must return to their respective rooms at 6 P.M. whenever they are outside the Hostel.

              (12)  No guest of any boarders shall be allowed to enter in the Room.

              (13)  Mess fees must be paid on the date fixed by the Mess Committee.

              (14) There shall be Roll Call at 6.30 P.M. which shall be taken by the Monitor / Monitress.

              (15)  Any boarders shall be allowed to leave the room on submission of application to the Superintendent.

              (16)  Visiting hours :   From 12.00 Noon to 4.00 P.M.

              (17)   There shall be one Monitor / Monitress appointed by the superintendent from amongs the senior boarders.

              (18)   Any boarders who damage the hostel propertly shall have to replace the same.

              (19)   Guest of any boarders shall be allowed to stay in the hostel maximum for two days.

               (20)   Any boarders who remain absent for 15 days consecutively shall be directed to leave the hostel.


Hostel Fee to be paid during Admission:

                   (1) Admission fee :                                       Rs.  300.00

                   (2) Establishment fee per Term                      Rs. 1000.00

                   (3) Seat Rent Per Term :-                              Rs. 1000.00

                   (4) Identity Card :-                                         Rs.    20.00

                   (5) Recreation fee :-                                       Rs.    50.00

                   (6) Caution Money (refundable) :-                     Rs.  100.00

                   (7) Electric Charge per term                            Rs.   800.00

                   (8) Maintenance fee :-                                     Rs.   200.00

                   (9) Miscelaneous fee :-                                    Rs.    80.00

                                                                        Total Rs.  3,550.00


   The Mess Committee will fix the mess Dues.


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