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    Three Years Degree Courses


         Compulsory Subject -

                (i) English

                (ii) M.I.L. - Bodo / Assamese / Alt. English (Any one).

                (iii) Environmental studies (For 3rd 4th Semesters only)

        Student will have to opt any two elective subjects  from the following subjects.

                (a) Elective languages.

                (b) Political Science.

                (c) Education.

                (d) History.

                (e) Economics.

                (f) Philosophy.

                (g) Computer Application.

            It is to be noted that as per the instruction of the Gauhati University students who are offering Bodo Major and Assamese Major are not allowed to opt Bodo-MIL and Assamese-MIL respectively.

N.B.:- Elective languages Elective Bodo / Elective Assamese


 ( 2 )  MAJOR

            Students can do major course in any one of the following subjects-

            (i) English, (ii) History, (iii) Pol. Science, (iv) Economics,

            (v) Bodo, (vi) Philosophy, (vii) Education, (viii) Assamese.

            Students offering major will be allowed to select any one elective subject along with his / her major course from the general course subjects.


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